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Text Formatting Styles

Out-of-the-box EDDIY includes a many post formatting features. Golden Ratio Typography ensures your content looks great on all devices and things like block-quotes and colored buttons are available for further styling.

This post will cover all the different styling features you can include within your WordPress content & throughout the EDDIY skin.

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EDD Image Styles

Using images in your WordPress posts & pages without a little style is kind-of bland and boring. Thankfully, the Thesis framework, along with WordPress include a few design features to spruce up those otherwise plain-looking graphics & images.

There are four different image alignments included with the Thesis framework. These are: 1) Flush left » no text wrap 2) Centered 3) Left with text wrap 4) Right with text wrap.

Frames and captions can also be added to images by implementing a few simple classes within your HTML. This post covers each of these features.

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