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Overview of the Boxes Included with the EDDIY Skin for Thesis 2.1+

One of the coolest parts of the Thesis framework is its ability to use boxes for building the layout of your website. That being said, the EDDIY skin utilized this feature by including a valuable set of its own boxes for you to customize.

This article will give a quick overview of the boxes built into the EDDIY skin, each box was included for a different reason. Some are for page leads, others for social media and internal linking. Whatever they’re used for, each box was built with two things in mind; functionality and aesthetics.

Each box was included to give your website some sort of valuable function. Connecting with readers socially, building an email list and providing testimonial feedback are a few of these functions. Along with what each box can do, they were also built to look good. Nobody wants a site that looks like garbage.

Below you will find an overview of each box, the first list of boxes were built to be used as page leads and the second covers the additional EDDIY boxes.

EDDIY Page Lead Boxes

  1. EDDIY Slider Lead – This box lets you create slides as a custom post type and use them like this page does.
  2. Smart Slider Lead Box – Create a beautiful, fully customizable slider lead using the free Smart Slider plugin, check it out here.
  3. Horizontal Optin Form Lead – Add page lead optin forms using Aweber, Mailchimp, or your own custom HTML code, check it out here.
  4. Testimonial Slider Box – Show what readers have to say with a full-width testimonial slider, check it out here.
  5. Logo Carousel Box – Show off some of your partners or favorite companies using the logo slider, check it out here.
  6. Information Columns Box – Create three or four column information boxes using the EDDIY icons and text, check it out here.
  7. Pricing Tables Box – Create two, three or four column pricing tables. Great for combination with EDD, check it out here.

Additional EDDIY Skin Boxes

  1. Author Information Box – Show information about the author after a post or page on your website & connect socially.
  2. Download Info box – This box is for adding download information on your Storefront Grid page template in combo with the EDD plugin.
  3. Breadcrumb Nav. Box – Add stylish breadcrumb links at the top of your posts and pages for easier navigation.
  4. Homepage Navigation – Add page navigation to the bottom of your homepage for simple breakup of your content.
  5. Portfolio Grid Box – Create a filterable grid with your portfolio items, the custom-post-type added to your site with EDDIY.
  6. Centered Image Box – This box is used to ensure your images alway center when the page size changes and look great.
  7. Aweber Email Form Box – Easily add forms from your Aweber account and add them to the sidebar or anywhere else (also works with HTML code).
  8. Mailchimp Email Form Box – Easily add forms from your Mailchimp account and add them to the sidebar or anywhere else (also works with HTML code).
  9. Social Count Buttons – Add social profile count buttons to the bottom of your posts & pages using the Social Count Buttons box.
  10. Social Profiles Box – This box adds icon links to your social profiles in the upper right corner of your header top-menu.

There you have it, a quick overview of all 17 boxes built into the EDDIY skin for Thesis.

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My name is Thomas Soler, I'm the creator here. This is a demo site for the EDDIY Thesis Skin. EDDIY is completely integrated with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin and a very powerful, all-around theme!

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